WALLACE COLLINS is an attorney in private practice in New York concentrating in entertainment and intellectual property law handling both transactional and litigation matters. The transactional work focuses primarily on structuring and negotiating music, film, television and internet business deals. Wallace also advises clients on entertainment branding and marketing strategy. His litigation matters encompass representation of both plaintiffs and defendants in copyright and trademark infringement cases as well as general entertainment contract disputes.

Over more than 25 years, Wallace's clients have included recording artists, songwriters, record producers, music publishers and independent record labels, film producers, book authors and illustrators, magazine publishers, photographers and models, clothing and fashion designers, cartoonists, fine artists and art galleries, and website designers.

He has represented his clients in contract disputes, negotiations and business entity formation. He is currently working with several high profile clients on copyright terminations. He also secures licenses for all forms of content including music and audiovisual footage for use in motion pictures, documentaries, music concerts, TV programs, advertising campaigns, CD & DVD compilations, and online entertainment.

Wallace advises clients on entertainment branding and marketing strategy, and handles many digital media matters including copyright and licensing issues related to "apps", streaming and download clearance.

Wallace has negotiated deals for many music superstars and other prominent singers, musicians, rappers and songwriters. He has represented personal managers for acts such as; BLONDIE and THE RAMONES and record producers who have done work for; JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, 50 CENT, JAY Z, DAVID BOWIE, N'SYNC, PHISH and MARY J. BLIGE. He represents the musical directors for MADONNA, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, TAYLOR SWIFT and NELLY FURTADO among others.

Wallace also represents actors, authors, graphic and fine arts artists, cartoonists, fashion designers, film producers, photographers and screenwriters. He represents infomercial clients like HOWARD BERG, the “ World’s Fastest Speed Reader” and world famous children’s entertainer MR. RAY as well as clothing and apparel companies, internet companies, magazines and product licensing companies.

In addition to structuring and negotiating deals for his clients, Wallace has also won several high-profile litigations including a copyright infringement case with the largest monetary judgment ever awarded for the use of a single “sample” in the rap song “Whoomp! There It Is”.

Wallace has authored numerous articles for legal and trade publications and is a regular contributor to Billboard, Entertainment Law and Finance and The New York Law Journal. He is a frequent speaker on panels, at lectures and at seminars throughout the country on current entertainment business issues as they relate to new technology and the internet.Wallace has appeared on many national television and radio broadcasts including COURT TV and HARD COPY. He was a teenage recording artist for Epic Records before attending Fordham Law School.


Wallace E. J. Collins III, Esq.
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